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We offer different types of products between our CNC's and 3D printers. 
CNC and 3D printer Mods
CNC machine

We sell lots of CNC mods including Dustboots, hole plugs for the Onefinity, and touch probe holders. We are currently working on some more mods for the Onefinity. We are also working on selling printed parts for the Voron and vzbot printers

Woodworking and 3D printing
3D printer

We are working on getting some more wood items added to our shop. On our list is some candle holders, catch-all trays, and signs. We also are planning on coming up with some 3D printed items to sell as well.  

Customization and prototyping

We love coming up with ideas to sell but we also love the opportunity to create something new or to add customization to anything we sell. If you need something customized or created send us a message.

We also would love to get into prototyping. Our printers are very accurate so if you have something you want prototyped we would love to hear from you. 

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